Hello there! Here you will eventually find almost everything I ever written, be it on my tumblr blogs or AO3! I say almost, because I'm not sure if I want to transfer everything. Maybe that will change in the future. I'm not sure.

Please be kind and have patience with the site. I am not well verse in HTML and CSS, so I am doing what I can with my limited skills.


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Writing Is My Passion Hobby!

I do not write profesionally! I write only for fun! While I do have ideas for original writing projects, they are far from ready to even being written.

Fandoms I Write For

P1+P5 Blended Fics

General Audience Rating

Monkey Men

Rummage Sale Reject

But it Rings, and I Rise

Similar Fashion Taste

Nigiri Buddies

Teen Audience Rating

Egotistical Showoff


Breaking the Chains of Fate


General Audience Rating

Left or Dead

You Been Disconnected

My Sister is a Sissy

One Way Ticket

The No Good Day

Dreams and Reality

Teen Audience Rating

Best Not to Question It

Moving Right Along

Scared Silly

Assortment of Others

General Audience Rating

If Found Please Return (Once Upon a Time)

Teen Audience Rating

An Account From The Man Over There (Cats Musical)